Los olvidados dragones Shou Lung

The Forest Rangers
Events of the past #2

Robert Paulson, was the man assigned by the king to accompany them in their quest. He was burly old gray haired knight and seemed to be well versed in the lore of the land. They were having lunch at the Toothed Sea Hog, the largest tavern in town.

He told them everything about his adventures, how he killed this and that beast. How he and his company had managed to slay the winter in the north “(Was that even possible?)”. How the king had made then nobles and assigned them the highest ranks in his armies after they managed to prevent an assassination plot. And so he continued… “I’m bored of this noble life, that’s why I jump to any adventure I can” Said robert with a wide grin.

The conversation went on and they were not getting any closer to the important subject.
“So what do you know about this tower?” asked Lloyd, unable to contain himself any longer. “We know about a st…”

“LLOYD! Don’t be disrespectful with this man and address him with the proper way he deserves.” Interrupted Ilara ”Excuse him Sire, he pays no mind for rank and nobility, but there are no ill intentions here, I assure you.” she apologized.

“HAHAHA, don’t worry miss ilara, the kid is right, I talk too much sometimes. We are among friends so you can address me however you like.” He said with another grin and after chewing a huge piece of salted pork he proceeded with the story.

“Well, the full legend says that within the forest of sorrows lies a dark tower. On it an artifact of great power is kept and demonic forces are constantly in motion, competing for supremacy over it, with the ultimate goal of destroying the world as we know it. It also says that this evil is kept at bay by the forest druids and a group rangers known as the Forest Rangers. There are five of them, each titled with a different color, representing their animal spirit guides.” This they had heard before, the group was well renowned in this lands but even then it was very hard to get in touch with them and no one really knew their identity, they simply appeared in times of need and then vanished when their job was done.

“Let me tell you this, miss ilara… ” continued Robert, “if someone knows how to find that tower it must be them. And that’s one of the reasons why the king sent me with you.”
He paused as they looked at him confused.

“I happen to know where to find Jason the Red, leader of the Forest Rangers…”

A Worthless Cause
Events of the past #1

Ilara Hiruma (比留间)

“…Because it must be done, we are their last hope!”. A tear dropped down ilara’s cheek. She quickly wiped it out trying to conceal it (too late).

It wasn’t common for Lloyd to challenge his sensei this way… but this was too much “(If only she knew, we could leave it all behind, start a new life…)” He wished. Lloyd didn’t care about Shou Lung’s war, more than that, he was happy about it… but seeing her like this made him regret those feeling.

The Journey had been long, the west was a vast and strange place. It took them a while to adjust to the language and the weather didn’t help either. Whit the war going on in the north supplies were short and expensive, and they were sent here with almost nothing.
Kaiu Utsu, ilara’s master and leader of the Blue Dragon School, was the reason for this journey. He ordered Ilara to find allies against the Teigan horde, or at least something to turn the tide. Lloyd knew this was an impossible quest, and that she didn’t have much hope either. But she would never abandon Shou Lung in it’s time of need nor defy her master’s orders no matter how stupid they were.

“We can’t trust this people, what proof do we have that they will hold their end of the bargain?” Lloyd asked, trying to win this already lost argument.

“We have no other choice but to trust them, and even if they don’t… Maybe the stone is all we need…” The stone ilara was referring to was supposed to be a very powerful thing. A local monarch with a considerable army had promised to aid Shou Lung in exchange for it. But Ilara wasn’t telling him everything she knew. He knew her enough already to know when she was hiding something.

“You don’t know that… do you?” he tried one last time.

“I don’t but we’ll go nonetheless, and thats an order, please Lloyd don’t make this harder than it already is.”

The battle was lost, there was no winning against her resolve. He knew this even before entering the room, but still, he had to try. “Allright sensei, we’ll do as you wish”. He said with a grim expression.

“Thanks Lloyd, and I’m sorry. Now go to sleep, we leave with the first light” she said with a sad smile.

He nodded and left the room.

Memories of happier days

Lloyd Agasha (ロイド・アガシャ)

The ghostly creatures were too many, more that he had ever faced
“Focus, remember your training” he kept repeating while desperation started creeping in.
“nothing works, no matter what I do, they keep regenerating”
Lloyd was well aware of how to fight this kind of foe, his teacher’s shadow techniques were exactly what he needed… “If only I had prepared them” he mumbled angrily but now it was too late, they were all going to die and there was nothing he could do. “ilara, i’m sorry… I won’t be able to fulfill my promise…”
The first blow felt cold, and painful, with the second he didn’t feel a thing, the room went blank and soundless.

“Again!” Scolded ilara. It was a cold winter morning, the sun was’t visible yet. It seldon was at the shadow dragon valley and in this time of the year.
He repeated the maneuver and was suddenly at the ground once more.
“You keep lowering your blade too soon… Again!”
Training was harsh but his resolve never lessened, revenge was the only way. Or at least it had been until recently. Something had started changing since his teacher had saved him, devotion, maybe even something else…
“Lloyd! what’s on your head today? Concentrate!”
“I’m sorry sensei"
He repeated the maneuver once more this time the hit landed perfectly.
“Damn it!.. Did I…?!…” and… he was at the floor again.
“hahaha good job Lloyd, I knew you could do it” ilara was offering her hand with a smiling face.

STAND UP KID, THE FIGHT IS NOT OVER YET!!” Regar’s voice sounded like an echo on the background of his head “Am I? Where am I?” Darkness reappeared and the voice roared again.
DAMN IT KID! STAND THE FUCK UP” the voice kept yelling, There was something powerful in it, he felt the strength returning, his wounds healing…
He opened his eyes. They were still alive somehow, against incredible odds this guys were winning. And then before he could even stand the ghosts were gone…

9 de Alturiak
Diario de Regar
9 de Alturiak

…Según Chun Wei.-

Todo fue demasiado confuso, y aun lo es, fue como una de esas noches donde uno duerme tan cansado que con solo cerrar los ojos un instante se despierta y un nuevo día ya maduro, aunque, por lo que logramos saber después, fueron unos 500 años en un abrir y cerrar de ojos la “ceremonia” donde nos colocaron en unos pedestales desapareció con un pestañeo, y un ambiente sofocado, oscuro era lo que estaba frente a mi con un hombre del reino de Shou Lung gritándome y haciéndome gestos que no entendía, en un principio pensé que habían pasado los dos años, o quizás hasta menos y era una misión para rescatarnos prematuramente, pero no, habían cadáveres desde hacía mucho tiempo en el lugar, no sé cuánto tarda en descomponerse un cuerpo, pero aquí había pasado más tiempo del previsto, el tiempo no era lo único que me preocupaba, aun no sé qué es lo que quieren estos hombres de nosotros exactamente al bajar de mi pedestal intente recuperar mis armas sin éxito, estaban encerradas con otro tipo de llave similar a la de nuestros pedestales, ya con Darude liberado también, nos acercamos al pasillo de salida donde mas Shoulitas estaban aparentemente peleando contra algo que no podían ver, o mejor dicho, que se podía mover a través de las sombras para matarlos por la espalda, al ver eso improvise una antorcha con uno de los cadáveres para prender las del pasillo y evitar que una sombra este cerca mío, aunque eso sabemos que es imposible, no supe que sentir en ese momento al ver a ese ser oscuro, mi cerebro aun estaba confundido y solo pude actuar.
Cuando todos estuvieron liberados todas las luces del pasillo se encendieron y nuestros libertadores (o nuevos captores) nos indicaron que corramos y saltemos por una trampilla, y al llegar a la misma las luces fueron desapareciendo mostrándonos el avance de la muerte, yo salte justo a tiempo mientras empujaba a uno de estos hombres que nos liberaron, por el momento no convenía tener más bajas, admito que por un instante, algo dentro mío sintió sin saberlo, que había vivido más de lo que una persona debería vivir y que debía de quedarme para arreglar eso…
Finalmente salimos de este templo, pasando por un basural que no tiene importancia y nos detuvimos un momento para recuperar el aliento, tratar a los heridos y darle una sepultura digna al líder de los rescatistas…
Cuando el sol comenzó a caer, Chun Wei, quien reemplazo al líder nos insistió en seguir nuestro camino…

Los olvidados dragones de Shou Lung
Introducción a la campaña

“Hace 500 años aproximadamente, un orgulloso imperio, conocido como Shou Lung, detuvo a las hordas Tuiganas de una sangrienta expansión hacia el este, que amenazaba con terminar la vida como ellos la conocían. La situación terminó con un cese al fuego bastánte debil y una retirada de las hordas.

Los clanes de Kara Tur, desde ese momento se empezaron a preparar para una situación en que esto volviera a suceder. Levantando escuelas de artes de guerra y combate tan poderosas como místicas, aprendiendo se dice incluso de gaijin, algunos aventuran a decir que criaturas sobrenaturales y legendarias también.

La historia cuenta que los Tuiganos conquistarían Shou Lung, aunque no todo el continente de Kara-Tur.

Pese a ser una civilizacion conocida por su temperamento, sus atrocidades y crueldad, los Tuiganos no eran gente que no respetara cuestiones como el Honor o mismo la política, por lo que en su conquista tomó a los seres mas queridos y combatientes más prometedores de cada uno de los Jefes de clanes que había combatido, para asegurarse de que nunca volvieran a levantarse contra ellos, y el pueblo Shou olvidara de sus sendas de aprendizaje sobre el arte de la guerra.

Nunca se supo mas de esos guerreros y varios siglos han pasado.

Hemos de dar inicio a una nueva leyenda."

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