Los olvidados dragones Shou Lung

Memories of happier days

Lloyd Agasha (ロイド・アガシャ)

The ghostly creatures were too many, more that he had ever faced
“Focus, remember your training” he kept repeating while desperation started creeping in.
“nothing works, no matter what I do, they keep regenerating”
Lloyd was well aware of how to fight this kind of foe, his teacher’s shadow techniques were exactly what he needed… “If only I had prepared them” he mumbled angrily but now it was too late, they were all going to die and there was nothing he could do. “ilara, i’m sorry… I won’t be able to fulfill my promise…”
The first blow felt cold, and painful, with the second he didn’t feel a thing, the room went blank and soundless.

“Again!” Scolded ilara. It was a cold winter morning, the sun was’t visible yet. It seldon was at the shadow dragon valley and in this time of the year.
He repeated the maneuver and was suddenly at the ground once more.
“You keep lowering your blade too soon… Again!”
Training was harsh but his resolve never lessened, revenge was the only way. Or at least it had been until recently. Something had started changing since his teacher had saved him, devotion, maybe even something else…
“Lloyd! what’s on your head today? Concentrate!”
“I’m sorry sensei"
He repeated the maneuver once more this time the hit landed perfectly.
“Damn it!.. Did I…?!…” and… he was at the floor again.
“hahaha good job Lloyd, I knew you could do it” ilara was offering her hand with a smiling face.

STAND UP KID, THE FIGHT IS NOT OVER YET!!” Regar’s voice sounded like an echo on the background of his head “Am I? Where am I?” Darkness reappeared and the voice roared again.
DAMN IT KID! STAND THE FUCK UP” the voice kept yelling, There was something powerful in it, he felt the strength returning, his wounds healing…
He opened his eyes. They were still alive somehow, against incredible odds this guys were winning. And then before he could even stand the ghosts were gone…


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